This is the demo of PeoPoli (Working Title) by Shine Spark Entertainment Ltd is Jordan Sparks' latest game for social change.

Our world is in danger. With voter turnout at record lows, and political illiteracy rampant, PeoPoli is a political parody in the form of a video game designed to teach Canadian Politics through interactive storytelling. Informed by extensive research, PeoPoli portrays politics from a citizen's perspective to show how its social impacts on our world.

In recognition of the 2019 Canadian Federal Election on October 21, 2019, this special version of PeoPoli will be freely available for a limited time on Itch until October 31st. If you notice any pressing issues with the game, please feel free to inform me in the comments.

While being developed as a 3D Point & Click Adventure, this very early preview is built in Twine as a short Text Adventure prototype featuring 2 levels of content. If you would like to help the development of this grand experiment, you're welcome to fill out the survey at the end about your experience, donate here on itch, or contribute to Sparks' Patreon. If you are a non-partisan organization or individual who would like to collaborate, contribute funding, or learn more about PeoPoli, please contact us via Jordan Sparks' contact page.

Thank you for your support!

Concept, Art, Design, Direction: Jordan Sparks
Writing: Yash Kulkarni

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